Don't overlook the importance of a good water bottle when you embark on your outdoor adventure. Even a short hike can be uncomfortable if you're parched. A reusable water bottle for hiking and camping is an inexpensive way to stay hydrated on the trail. When choosing a reusable water bottle, think about what features are most important, including:

Bottle style: A backpack-style reusable water bottle, such as a Camelbak hydration pack, lets you carry enough water for all-day excursions, but if you are already carrying a backpack, consider a water bottle with a top that attaches to a carabiner, such as the Camelbak BPA-free .5-liter Better Bottle.

Bottle size: How long is your hike? If you are out for a day hike, and you are not carrying camping gear, a larger reusable water bottle, such as the Camelbak 70-ounce hydration pack might be the right choice. However, if you are carrying a water bottle with filter so you can refill on the trail, you might prefer a smaller reusable water bottle.

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