Wakeboarding ropes are not the same as waterski ropes. While waterski ropes can have some stretch to them, wakeboarding ropes should have very little stretch, or none at all, if the boarder wants to perform any tricks successfully. Other key features to look for in your wake boarding rope include:

Ergonomic handles: Wakeboard handles are wider than waterski handles. Most wakeboard handles are 13 to 15 inches wide, compared with the 11- to 12-inch width of most waterski handles. Some wakeboarding ropes even have a second grip near the handle, to facilitate spin tricks.

Stiff material: A wakeboarding rope is usually made of either polyethylene, which has minimal stretch, or a material called Spectra, which has no stretch at all. Polyethylene wake boarding rope is fine for recreational or beginning wakeboarders, but most serious boarders and pros use Spectra ropes like the Straight Line Team, so they are sure that the rope won't move during their moves.

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