When shopping for wakeboard vests, look for a Type III inshore vest, which is the most popular option for wakeboarding and other boat-towed watersports. However, keep in mind that this style of life vest will not hold your head up in the water if you are unconscious.

Keep these additional tips in mind to ensure that your wakeboard vest fits well:

Size: Make sure your wakeboard vest feels snug but not tight. If the wakeboard vest goes up over your ears when you raise your arms straight up, it's too big.

Sex: Some women find that women's wakeboard vests provide a better fit. Women's wakeboard vests tend to have shorter torsos to make it easier for smaller individuals to bend at the waist.

Style: Most wakeboarders find that neoprene wakeboard vests are more comfortable, but if price is a concern, nylon vests are less expensive.

Visit your local Sun & Ski shop for expert advice about wakeboard vests and other wakeboard gear.