Kneeboard designs fall into two basic categories: flat-bottomed and curved-bottomed. These two designs each work well for different types of kneeboarding:

Tricks: Kneeboard designs favored by riders who want to do tricks have thick rails and curved rockers, as well as a rounded edge shape.

Slalom: Kneeboarders who want to do slalom kneeboarding should seek out kneeboard designs with flat rockers, sharper rails, a sharper edge shape, and retractable fins.

The Ho Sports Joker Kneeboards are some of the best kneeboard designs for advanced riders. Special features include flow channels in the kneeboard tip, a thinner profile than many other kneeboard designs, and a double-locking strap for added stability.

No matter which kneeboard designs you prefer, be sure to use a kneeboard rope that is at least 45 feet long. Your wake should be about 12 inches high, and your tow boat speed should be about 18 miles per hour.

Visit your local Sun & Ski shop for expert advice on kneeboard designs and to check out a variety of kneeboards.