A few well-chosen travel accessories can help you protect your gear and valuables while traveling. Popular safety travel accessories include:

Locks: Small key locks, such as the Eagle Creek TSA mini key lock, are excellent travel accessories for locking the ends of zippers together on a duffel bag or backpack. They are especially great for when you are checking your bag on a plane or storing it somewhere other than your personal hotel room. If you are checking luggage, be sure that your lock is TSA-approved.

Luggage Strap: A luggage strap is a large strap that fits around the outside of your durable luggage for extra security to keep your suitcase closed.

Security belts: If you are traveling in an area where your money and passport might be at risk, consider a security belt or money belt to wear under your clothes. These travel accessories are available various styles, including around the neck, at the waist, or even around your leg if you are wearing long pants.