Holding your wakeboard rope correctly can make all the difference in your ability to keep your balance, do tricks, and generally have fun while wakeboarding. Follow these grip tips, and you'll enjoy a great ride!

Keep it parallel. Once you have reached a standing position, hold the handle of your wakeboarding rope parallel to the water. Your knuckles should be facing up.

Keep it low. Keep the handle of your wakeboarding rope close to the hip of your leading leg. Use your hip bone as a guideline, and try to keep the wakeboard rope below waist height for maximum stability.

As for type of wakeboard rope and handle, you have many options. Some handles are sold together with wakeboard ropes, or you can choose a wakeboard handle and rope separately. The Straight Line Legacy wakeboard handle can work with any wakeboard ropes. This tube-style handle has a pair of pencil floats for extra buoyancy, and it is suitable for any skill level.

Visit your local Sun & Ski shop for expert advice on selecting wakeboard ropes and other accessories.