When it comes to distinguishing among brands and models of wakesurf boards, questions of material and the weight of the boards usually come down to personal preference. Most wakesurf boards include at least some fiberglass for durability and buoyancy, and smaller boards weigh less than larger boards. But don't forget these additional features that impact the speed and ride of your wakesurf board:

Rockers: If you have more rocker, your wakeboard won't go as fast, but it will show more response to the waves. If you have less rocker on your wakeboard, you'll have more speed, but less dramatic responsiveness.

Rails: Thinner rails are faster, but thicker rails on your wakesurf board are more forgiving, so a wakesurf board with a thicker rail is a better choice if you are learning tricks or if you are new to wakesurfing. Some wakesurf boards have combination rails for the best of both worlds. For example, the Hyperlite Venture Fish Wakesurf features a sharp rail on the beveled rail from the middle to the nose, and a straight, thin rail from the middle to the tail. This combination allows wakesurfers of almost all experience levels to enjoy this Hyperlite wakesurf board.