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Snow Sports Packing List

Don't get caught on the slopes unprepared - Get the essential items you need for your next trip.

Category 2-4 Days 5-7 Days Benefits
Jackets (insulated or shell) 1 1-2 Outermost Layer: Protects you from snow,
Bib/Pant (insulated or shell) 1 1-2 Outermost Layer: Protects you from snow,
Ski Sweater 1-2 2-3 Mid Layers: Traps your body heat to keep
Fleece Top & Bottom 1-2 2-3 Mid Layers: Traps your body heat to keep
Thermal (Baselayer) 2-3 3-4 Worn directly next to your skin to wick
Sock Liners 2-3 3-5 Next to skin wicks moisture away from
Glove Liners 1-2 2-3 Wicks away moisture from hands, protects
T-necks 2-3 3-4 Second Layer: Look for technical
Socks 2-3 3-5 Wicking & insulating properties keep
Gloves / Mittens 1-2 1-2 Hands are the hardest part of the
Hat / Headband 1-2 2-3 85% of your body heat escapes from the
Neck Gaitors / Face Mask 1-2 2-3 Seal in body warmth on your neck,
Helmet / Liner 1 1 Protects against head injuries and in case
Goggles (case / anti-fog) 1 1 Protects eyes from sun glare, snow
Sunglasses (eye ties) 1 1 Protects your eyes from the intense sun
After Ski Boots 1 pair 1 pair Keeps you comfortable, warm and
Lip Balm / Sunscreen 1 1 Skin protection prevents skin problems
Hand and Toe Warmers 3-4 5-7 Up to 10 hrs. of warmth; place 1
Luggage / Bags
Ski/Snowboard Bag 1 1 Protects your skis and snowboard and also
Boot Bag 1 1 The most convenient & easy way
Wheeled Luggage or Duffle 1 1 Ski/Snowboard apparel is big & bulky.
Pack-It Folders, Cubes 2 2 Using pack-it folders & cubes
Comfort / Convenience
After Ski Gloves 1 1 Helps keep your hands warm after a long
Boot Warmer & Dryer 1 1 Removes moisture from your boots
Ski Lock 1 1 Make sure they are still there after
Walk Aids/Cat Tracks 1 1 Protect the bottom of your boots
Footbeds 1 1 Provides extra support & performance
Swimsuit 1 1-2 Be prepared to jump into that heated
Flip Flops 1 1-2 Be prepared to jump into that heated pool
Hydration Pack (insulated) 1 1 Keep hydrated to avoid altitude
Skis 1 pair 1 pair
Ski Boots 1 pair 1 pair
Ski Bindings 1 pair 1 pair
Ski Poles 1 pair 1 pair
Snowboard 1 1
Snowboard Bindings 1 pair 1 pair
Snowboard Boots 1 pair 1 pair

Ski & Snowboard Tips for Your Upcoming Trip

Workout your legs (Quadriceps, Calfs & Tibialis Anterior) and core (Abs & balancing exercises) to prepare for your time on the hill. Low weight, high reps will build that "all day" endurance that you are looking for.

Pack ski clothes in your carry-on. This way if your luggage gets lost, you can still enjoy the mountain.

Eat a good breakfast. Supplement with Vitamin C and all kinds of Vitamin B for energy.

To avoid losing your gloves or mitts, utilize either the built-in glove leashes in your jacket or the leashes that come with your gloves or mitts.

Put energy bars in your jacket pocket or backpack and eat them as a mid morning snack. This will allow you to avoid the lunchtime crowds.

Remember to always drink alot of water when at high altitudes.

Never wipe the inside of your goggles; this will scratch the anti fog film. The best way to avoid goggle fog is to put them on and leave them on.

Keep a trail map with you on the slopes, preferably in an easily accessible pocket.

Check your snowboard bindings to make sure that they remain tight throughout the day.

How to Stay Warm & Dry


LAYER ONE: The layer closest to the body provides insulating qualities and pulls moisture away from the skin.

MID LAYERS: Multiple layers of clothing. With proper high performance components, it traps your own body heat between the layers to keep you warm while skiing/snowboarding.

PROTECTIVE LAYER: The outermost shell fabric is the last layer which protects you from wind, rain or snow.


The purpose of wicking is to draw the moisture away from the skin to the next layers, which makes you feel warmer and more comfortable. Being wet makes you feel cold. When moisture has moved from the skin into (nonabsorbent) clothing, it will evaporate faster. Synthetic materials such as polyester and microfiber fabrics are good choices as they do not absorb moisture.


Cycling Packing List

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Camping and Hiking Packing List

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Camping Essentials
First Aid Kit
Full Water Bottle (1qt. min.)
Pocket Knife
Flashlight/Headlamp with Extra Batteries
Compass & Map of Area
Whistle/Signal Mirror
Emergency Space Blanket
Energy Bars
Water Filter/Purification Tablets
Mess Kit/Bowl/Utencils
Cooking Kit
Stove & Fuel (with Repair Kit)
Dehydrated Food
Tent (Seam-Sealed with Fly)
Ground Cloth/Footprint
Tube of Seam Sealer
Tent Stakes
Accessory Cord (50 ft.)
Internal/External Backpacks (Proper Fit Critical)
Hydration Kit
Day Pack
Stuff Sacks (for Organizing Pack)
Rain Cover
Trekking Poles
Extra Accessory Straps
Sleeping Bag (Proper Temp. Rating)
Compression/Stuff Sack
Sleeping Pad
Camp Chair or Chair Kit
Sleeping Bag Liner
Footwear, Apparel & Personal Items
Waterproof Jacket/Windbreaker
Moisture Wicking Pants & Shirts
Insulating Fleece Layers
Hiking Shorts
Hiking Boots
Socks & Sock Liners
Sun Hat (with Brim)
Sunglasses & Retainer
Sunscreen & Lip Balm
Hand/Toe Warmers
Biodegradable Soap/Shampoo
Microfiber Camp Towel
Moleskin/Skin Savers
Insect Repellent
Kayak Essentials
PFD (Personal Flotation Device)
First Aid Kit
Throw Rope/Safety Line
Safety Whistle/Light
Additional Kayak Gear
Dry Bags
Paddle Leash
Padded Seats
Soft Cooler
Pack Towel
Paddle Clips
Anchor & Rope
Paddle Gloves
Paddling Shoes
Foam Kayak Kits/Blocks
Kayak Cart
Tie Down Straps
Kayak Roof Rack System
Helpful Tips
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