The term "loading the line" refers to creating tension in your kneeboard rope, wakeboard rope, or other water tow rope, so you can jump higher when you hit the wake.

Follow these easy steps to load the line the next time you hit the water, and see the difference in power:

When there are only a few feet between you and the wake, turn slowly in the direction of the wake, but stay wide until the boat pulls you closer to the wake. Keep your knees bent.

Be sure that your water tow rope is tight, and keep your arms straight, not bent at the elbows.

Start to edge your kneeboard or wakeboard in the water, away from the boat, and dig the back edge of your board into the water for maximum tension on your water tow rope.

Hold the water tow rope handle tightly, maintain your speed, and straighten your legs when you hit the wake. You should pop off the wake, and that's when you can showcase your moves.

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