Packing folders and packing cubes might be the most under-appreciated of all travel luggage accessories. When you are using durable luggage (rather than a backpack or duffel bag), a packing cube or folder helps your clothes take up less space and keeps them neat and smooth.

The Eagle Creek Pack It Folder collection is available in several sizes:

Pack It Folder 15: This folder can hold up to 7 light items, such as business shirts, and measures 15x10 inches.

Pack It Folder 18: This folder can hold 8 to 12 items, and measures 18x12 inches

Pack It Folder 20: This folder can hold 12 to 15 items, including bulkier pieces such as jackets or sweaters, and measures 20x14 inches.

Pack It Folders come with folding boards and diagrams for how to fold your travel gear effectively and maximize the utility of all your travel accessories.

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