A woman sitting on a rock with some hiking sandals.

While hardcore hikers might prefer a shoe that offers a little more protection than sandals, many casual hikers swear by them. A good pair of sports sandals can have many benefits. They’re light, quick-drying, and breathable. If you want to take the sandal route, there are some factors that you need to consider. In order to make sure that you find the best fit, you need to keep these basic sandal features in mind when shopping for men’s sandals or women’s sandals.


A man in sandals walking through the water.

Most sports sandals are multi-strap sandals. These sandals are the best choice for hiking and other activities because the extra straps ensure that your sandals will stay on tight no matter where your feet might take you. Some popular multi-strap sandal brands include Keens, Tevas, and Chacos. Keens are known for being built with protective rubber toe guards, which some adventurers might prefer for added security. Tevas and Chacos feature a wider selection of open toe styles, which might suit some hikers that appreciate the more minimal feel.


A person in sandals climbing some ledges and rocks.

If your plans for your water shoes or sport sandals include standing on a slippery boat deck, walking, or light hiking, the sole of your shoe can make all the difference. Rubber sole shoes are lightweight and have good grip, which minimizes your chance of slipping on wet, rocky, or uneven surfaces. Shoes with Vibram soles provide the most traction and the best durability, but other brands can offer comparable soles.


For casual sandals, a slip-on slide style can be an excellent choice. But for hiking, rafting, and other active pursuits, you’ll need a more secure fit. Choose sandals that have straps that wrap around behind your heels so that your feet won’t slide in and out of the shoe. When hiking, you want to wear a sandal that will stay secure on your foot to ensure precision and protection.

Now you can now make the best choice for your sandals for hiking. For more info on sandals, visit us in-store or online at your local Sun & Ski Sports.