Regardless of your skill level, it is important to protect your knees while kneeboarding. Here are some ideas that can make your kneeboards more comfortable during a day on the water:

Add padding: You can use a spray adhesive to attach additional padding to kneeboards to help absorb impact and provide cushioning for your knees, shins, and ankles.

Ride right: Maintaining proper posture while kneeboarding can reduce the strain on your knees, shoulders, and lower back. Try keeping your feet just under the outside of your hips, rather than directly under your buttocks. This position takes some of the pressure away from your knee joints. Sit up straight, and keep your shoulders back and your shoulder blades down.

Stay smart: If your legs, knees, ankles, or back start to hurt while kneeboarding, it is time to stop. If you have persistent pain, consider visiting a sports medicine professional.

For expert advice on adding cushioning to kneeboards, visit your local Sun & Ski shop.