ContourHD Waterproof Case
ContourHD Waterproof Case
ContourHD Waterproof Case
ContourHD Waterproof Case

Contour HD Waterproof Case

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The new Waterproof Case fits your ContourHD Video Camera like a hard plastic glove. Slide your Contour camera into the case, latch it down, and begin capturing your favorite water adventures. While being safe from the elements it retains the same easy to use functions like a single record button, laser alignment, and TRail mounts. In addition there are two safety latches on the back of the case to lock it securely in to place. Suitable for the VholdR Hands-Free Camera as well, but with limited functionality on the record switch and power button. (**NOT compatible with ContourGPS.)


Safe up to 10 meters in depth Case may cause shadows in extreme corners of videos Works with the Vholdr 1080P or the standard ContourHD camcorder (**NOT compatible with ContourGPS.)

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