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Brazos Hitchhiker Twisted Oak 55" Walking Stick

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The Brazos Hitchhiker Twisted Oak Walking Stick is handcrafted from a solid piece of oak, making it a strong, and relatively lightweight, walking stick. It’s ideal for any type of walk or hike, strenuous or casual. Each staff is beautifully stained, magnifying the wood's beautiful grain patterns. Every stick is sprayed with a protective clear coat lacquer - the result is a smooth finish that highlights the wood's intrinsic beauty. The finished staff is a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted walking stick that is both sturdy and attractive. The Hitchhiker Walking Stick comes with a standard rubber tip for a firm, secure grip on virtually any surface. Like all of Brazos finely crafted walking sticks and canes, the Hitchhiker Walking Stick is made in the USA by their skilled craftsmen using the highest quality wood and time-tested methods.


Handcrafted by skilled local craftsmen Made from real wood One-of-a-kind piece