YETI Hopper M30 Cooler

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Coral Navy Charcoal

Product Details

The YETI Hopper M30 Cooler is a tough-as-nails soft cooler that has been re-engineered by YETI to offer a wider mouth for easy loading and unloading. It closes almost on its own with proven HydroShield™ Technology - a strip of ultra-strong magnets - then is secured with two Quick-Release Buckles to ensure it can withstand being tossed around.


HydroShield™ Closure Coldcell™ Insulation DryHide™ Shell Leakproof Liner HitchPoint™ Grid All-Around Rugged Can Store Up to 28 lbs of Ice (Only)

Tech Specs

Outside: 25" x 12" x 17 1/2" Inside: 10" x 22" x 16" Empty Weight: 7 lbs