Thule Kids' Chariot Brake Kit

Thule Kids' Chariot Brake Kit

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The Thule Chariot Brake Kit adds hand activated band brakes to the rear wheels of your Thule Chariot for increased control. It's compatible with Thule Chariot Sport, Chariot Cross, Chariot Cab, and Chariot Lite. This brake system improves braking on steep terrain or while running so you remain in control of your Chariot. It has a unique twist brake design that's easily activated with either hand and can stay on the carrier for all other activities. Add another measure of safety to your activities by installing the Thule Chariot Brake Kit.


Improved Braking on Steep Terrain and While Running Easily Activated with Either Hand Unique Twist Brake Design Can Stay on Carrier for All Activities

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Compatibility: Thule Chariot Sport, Thule Chariot Cross, Thule Chariot Cab, and Thule Chariot Lite


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