Thule Kids' Chariot Infant Sling

Thule Kids' Chariot Infant Sling

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The Thule Chariot Infant Sling allows you to carry your infant in your child carrier. It's compatible with Thule Chariot Sport, Chariot Cross, Chariot Cab and Chariot Lite. It's padded and provides lateral support and maximum stability for your baby. This sling is suitable for children who cannot sit unaided between 1 - 10 months old weighing less than 22 lbs and are shorter than 29.5". It's recommended for strolling use only.


Simple Easy Installation Strolling Use Only

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Recommended for: Infants and Babies 1-10 Months Weighing Less than 22lbs, and Shorter than 29.5" Compatibility: Thule Chariot Sport, Thule Chariot Cross, Thule Chariot Cab, and Thule Chariot Lite