Aztec Mtn/Road Gear Cable Set
Aztec Mtn/Road Gear Cable Set
Aztec Mtn/Road Gear Cable Set

Aztec Mtn/Road Gear Cable Set

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The Aztec Mtn/Road Gear Cable sets glide effortlessly through the housing and will always feel as if they are well lubed without the dust attracting goop from adding a wet lube. Combine the cables with Aztec's compression-less outer housing which is lined with a PTFE (Teflon) lined sleeve and you'll have fluid action even in the sloppiest riding conditions. This is an awesome upgrade to your bikes shifting and braking!


Available as inner wires only or housing and inner wire sets Improved braking and gear control response Exclusive Duracote™ PTFE coating process gives long lasting maintenance free lubrication Special compressionless outer housing with PTFE lined inner sleeve for more positive action Compatible with Shimano and SRAM systems Gear AC8001 1.1x2000mm Brake AC9001/7001 1.5 x 1800mm


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