Look X-track Cleats

Look X-track Cleats

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The Look X-track Cleats hasa design that is dependable, durable and easy to use. This new mountain-bike pedal was constructed around a heavy-duty mechanism, is resistant to the negative effects of coming into contact with various external factors (rocks, roots, mud…), and provides consistent and reliable performance over time. Its spindle, equipped with a double weather-resistant seal, has been improved to withstand even the worst conditions you may encounter during your rides. An adjustable tension screw allows you to fine-tune the entry/release resistance to your personal skill level. Fewer hassles mean more time to ride, and therefore, more fun.


Micro shim for fixing 2 screws. Engagement / disengagement: standard function, unidirectional disengagement. Compatible with all standard SPD pedals. Utilisation: MTB Material: Steel premium Angular Freedom: 6° Angle Of Disengagement: 13° Side Adjustment: 2 mm Angular Adjustment: 1° Pair Weight: 45 gr


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