Look Keo Blade 2 Cromo Pedals

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The Look Keo Blade 2 Cromo Pedals is tried and tested! It is definitively adopted by the greatest teams and the greatest champions. Contrary to all the existing systems, the Keo Blade uses a deformation features. The maximum couple is reached at the start of the deformation which allows very preciseengagement and very simple release. The strategically placed carbon blade in the center of the pedal also gives it an aerodynamic profile. Its very wide support surface and its light weight enable the racer to fully express his power. The Keo Blade 2 is the top automatic pedal.


New carbon spring blade positioned under and at the center of the pedal Fully aero-oriented design Maximum power transfer with 700 mm² contact surface area, 64 mm wide, 13 mm stack height For all cyclists – 3 clipping-out tensions: 12 Nm / 16 Nm / 20 Nm