ABUS Security Tresorflex 1355/85 2.8'Lock

ABUS Security Tresorflex 1355/85 2.8' Cable Lock

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The ABUS Security Tresorflex 1355/85 2.8' Cable Lock is the lightest combination lock in the ABUS Steel-O-Flex family, the TresorFlex features 15mm overlapping steel shells to protect the inner steel cable. This lock is best suited to low theft risk areas and is best as a versatile theft deterrent.The ABUS combination technology protects against pull-picking and "touch" protection makes it hard for thieves to crack the combination by "feel”.


15mm overlapping steel shells protect the inner steel cable PVC coating protects the frame Two component moulded digits ensure readability for the life of the lock Special imprinting makes digits more visible in dark settings Individually settable combination Level: 5 of 15 Security

Tech Specs

Mechanism Type: Combo Diameter: 15 mm Shackle Shape: None Length: 85 cm Cylinder Type: other Has2k Housing: Yes

Product Specs

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