Vittoria Rubino Pro III Road Bicycle Tire

Vittoria Rubino Pro III Road Bicycle Tire

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The Vittoria Rubino Pro III Road Bicycle Tire are a popular, durable and attractive treaded sports tire with 150 TPI nylon casing and effective PRB protection. Designed for high-mileage tire proved onevents like RAAM, the Rubino Pro is an ideal all-rounder for racing and intensive training. Placingthem at the core range for serious athletes who demand Vittoria performance and style for everydayuse. These tires are built on high-grade nylon casings. Nylon can be very light but is not so suppleas polycotton. Now Vittoria has narrowed the gap between nylon and cotton. The exclusive Nylon 150TPI weaves set a new standard in their class. The weight of clincher tires built in these new weavesis cut by 10% over the previous best nylon casings. Road feel and rolling resistance come closer tothe top-model polycotton open tubulars. For many sporting riders, these folding tires of around 150TPI are a good all-round compromise of weight, rolling resistance, durability, and comfort.


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All-Rounder High-mileage Road Tire All conditions tread pattern design for the best performance Foldable Clincher Wear resistant tread with low rolling resistance PRB 2.0 breaker for excellent flat protection 150 TPI Strong Nylon casing
Tech Specs
700x23c (225g) - ETRTO: 23-622 700x25c (235g) - ETRTO: 23-622