Serfas 700x23 Seca Bicycle Tire

Serfas 700x23 Seca Road Bike Tire

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The Serfas 700x23 SECA road tire offers long tread life, puncture resistance, and superior road feel. Serfas knows that cyclists want responsive tires that hold the line and carry momentum through corners and rough terrain. That's why many of their tires feature Serfas’ Dual Density and Flat Protection systems. Helping riders keep the rubber side down, Serfas’ Dual Density System joins a firm center ridge with a softer outer shoulder to make our tires responsive, but tough where it matters. Serfas tires also feature Serfas’ Flat Protection System, which creates an armor-like shield between two distinct rubber casings for unrivaled puncture resistance.


New Tread and Texture Design Integrated Flat Protection System Provides Superior Flat Protection The Ultimate Training Tire-Ultra Long Tread Life, Puncture Resistance, Superior Road Feel 60 Durometer Center Ridge for Long Life and 56 Durometer Sides for Enhanced Cornering Capability Bead: Wire Pressure: 125 PSI 700x23 290 grams