Presta Pump Adapter
Presta Pump Adapter
Presta Pump Adapter

Presta Pump Adapter (Brass)

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This adapter is used to convert your presta valved tubes to schrader valves. This allows them to work with standard schrader valve pump heads or air compressor heads not able to adapt to the presta style valves. (Example of schrader; automobile valve stem type or what you find on your car/truck)


Machined from Brass With O-Ring (Be sure this remains inside the adapter or it will not seal) Use caution not to tear O ring while installing and removing. Converts your presta style valve stem to a schrader valve as you would find on BMX bikes or automobiles. Made in U.S.A.

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Solid brass with a rubber o-ring seal. Designed to thread onto the Presta valve stem of an inner tube so that a pump with a Schrader style chuck can be used to inflate the tube.

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