Scott Jr 540 Ski Poles
Scott Jr 540 Ski Poles
Scott Jr 540 Ski Poles

Scott Jr 540 Ski Poles

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Its your turn to pull a 360-plus on your way down the mountain with the confidence your Scott Junior's 540 Ski Poles will give you. Punch thru the hardest boilerplate and then float thru the lightest powder. This Series 2 aluminum pole features the same technical swaging and design features found in Scott's S3 and S4 series poles. The Joystick Grip demands significantly less strength when gripping the pole, while the TUV Basket incorporates a high standard of engineering and design, blending aerodynamic efficiency and durability. The tip cone is manufactured from hardened steel and designed for strength and durability.


S2 Aluminum Alloy Shaft Joystick Grip Woven Nylon Strap Tuv Basket Cone Tip

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