Full Tilt Children's Growth Spurt Ski Boots

Full Tilt Youth Growth Spurt Adjustable Ski Boots '15

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The Full Tilt Youth Growth Spurt Adjustable Ski Boots literally grows with your kid's feet! Sold in 2 sizes, the Growth Spurt kids ski boot is adjustable to 3 full foot sizes to save on the family budget. Providing the same super comfortable natural ankle flex and warmth as the adult boots, this boot features an elastic neoprene liner comfortably stretches with your child's growing feet. And also keeping them warm like a wetsuit as well the authentic 3-Piece design.

Tech Specs

Size Small = MP 18 - 21.5 Size Large = MP 22 - 25.5 Adjustable to 3 full foot sizes (allen wrench included), Tongue opens to 90 degrees, Expandable Neoprene Liner


#1 Flex Tongue Easy On/off Growth Spurt 3-piece Shell Light Weight Rigid Boot Board 3-piece Ribbed Tongue Quick Fit™ Liner Technology

Product Specs

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