K2 Girl's Missy All Mountain Skis w/ FDT 7.

K2 Girl's Missy All Mountain Skis w/ FDT 7.0 Bindings '19

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The K2 Girl's Missy All Mountain Skis have a narrow width making them perfect for beginner to advanced intermediate riders looking to ski 70% On-Trail/30% Off-Trail conditions. K2's DuraCap Construction keeps the Missy durable and forgiving. Missy Skis also feature a Composite Core that keeps the weight very low for young lightweight skiers to be able to have complete control. The Catch Free Rocker Shape of the Girl's Missy Skis makes them easy to skid and slide into a turn.Your little Missy will be on her way to carving in no time.


72 mm Waist Width Catch Free Rocker Shape (Rocker/Camber/Rocker Profile) 70% On-Trail/30% Off-Trail Conditions Duracap Construction Composite Core Twin Tail Shape Extruded Base Marker FDT Jr. 7.0 Bindings

Tech Specs

Sidecut: 97/72/93 (@119 cm) Turning Radius: 8 m (@119 cm) Weight: 839 g/1.85 lbs. (@139 cm) Bindings: K2/Marker FDT Jr. 7.0