Line Dart Ski Poles '12
Line Dart Ski Poles '12
Line Dart Ski Poles '12
Line Dart Ski Poles '12

Line Dart Ski Poles '12

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Mountain & BMX bikers never drop their bikes doing back flips thanks to their skinny, super grippy, textured round grips. From bike grips, to golf clubs and even baseball bats, since the beginning of time we have counted on a skinny, round, grippy grips for the best performance, so why should ski poles be any different? Line's revolutionary skinnier, grippier grips make it way easier to get your hands around. So stop fumbling with traditional, bulky, oversized, forced finger placement ski grips, these are the skinniest, grippiest grips in the world! This same style grip is available on the Line Dart ski poles and this year they include the new Grab Tab™ to keep the pole in hand for snappy pole plants & steezy five finger grabs. It also comes with two sizes of Screwoff™ baskets. Switch your basket size in seconds! No tools required! Keep an extra set in your pocket and the next time you’re skiing from the groomers into the pow, just switch to bigger baskets!


Grab Tab!™ Five finger grabs are fun! Skinny, grippy 28mm mountain bike-like grip Light (210 g) & super strong 6,000 Series Aluminum Supportive 35mm strap webbing. Set it and forget it!™ Two Screwoff!™ 60mm & 80mm baskets Point can stab a watermelon

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