Dakine Spike Stomp Pads
Dakine Spike Stomp Pads
Dakine Spike Stomp Pads
Dakine Spike Stomp Pads

Dakine Spike Stomp Pads

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The Dakine Spike Stomp Pads features translucent molded spikes for maximum traction. It can be cut in sections and reconfigured to suit your needs. Only finest peel and stick adhesives is supplied to ensure easy installation. Below is simple and easy procedure for optimum bonding: 1. Board and stomp should be at room temperature, 70 F [ 21 C ] 2. Clean surface with rubbing alcohol. Surface must remain clean, smooth and dry. Do not touch. 3. Use a blow dryer on high to heat up the prepared board surface as well as the adhesive on the traction device. 4. Immediately after heating, place the stomp and press firmly. Stand on the stomp without twisting, the more weight the better. 5. Allow the adhesive to cure at room temperature for 24 hours.


Translucent molded spike pattern for maximum traction Sections can be cut apart and reconfigured

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Size: 4.7" x 4.7" [ 120mm x 120mm ] Weight: 2.2 oz [ 62g ]

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