Tecnica Women's Viva M8 Ski Boots '11
Tecnica Women's Viva M8 Ski Boots '11
Tecnica Women's Viva M8 Ski Boots '11
Tecnica Women's Viva M8 Ski Boots '11

Tecnica Women's Viva M8 Ski Boots '11

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The 2011 Tecnica Viva M8 Ski Boot is for that woman that is an beginner to intermediate skier looking for comfort and convenience with a 70 flex rating you will get unlimited control and ski all day in comfort. Also with 3 Density Construction the Mega specifically utilizing more soft materials to emphasis easy entry and exit without sacrificing performance by incorporating, the Progressive Flex System, that's flex is proportional to the skier's relative size by modifying the plastic thickness in the spine of the lower shell allowing for consistent flex throughout with a soft medium flex. Also, because comfort and fit are very important in finding a boot the Viva Last liners utilize lasts of women's feet to create the best fitting boots by providing a narrower heel pocket and wider forefoot that offer a well wrapping, anatomic fit. But each Viva Last get's even more specific for providing that perfect fit and this Mega series has a spacious 103mm (C - E width). To combine changes to the last, liner and footbed this boot also features the Progressive Cushioning System which utilizes a thicker, slow memory ethafoam that offers a very comfortable, cushioning fit resulting in extreme comfort as well as enhanced shock absorption. Everything else from this point is just cherries on top to make the boot that much more comfortable and convenient. With even more specific to the female skier anatomy boots collars that have a 3D Flared Design that faithfully follow the shape of the female calf to accommodate the foot better as well as the Calf Adapter with adjustable spoiler allows for best regulation of pressure on the calf. And even a nice Viva Velvet Fur Lining for you slide your foot into each morning.


Flex: 70 Last: 103mm: C - E Widths 3 Density Technology PCS Liner System Viva PCS Footbed Viva Heel Cradle Ski-Walk Device Progressive Flex System NEW Mega Alu Micro Buckles Easy Move Cuff Catch Triple Position Cuff Catches Hinged Instep Catch Viva Flared Scalloped Calf Viva Calf Adapter Construction Viva Velvet Fur Lining Tongue Handle Pull Strap Viva UltraFit Liner

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