Tecnica Men's Mega 8 Ski Boots '12
Tecnica Men's Mega 8 Ski Boots '12
Tecnica Men's Mega 8 Ski Boots '12
Tecnica Men's Mega 8 Ski Boots '12

Tecnica Men's Mega 8 Ski Boots '12

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The shell last in the Tecnica Men's Mega 8 Ski Boots has the highest volume allowing ample room for the P.C.S. Liner construction offering a cushioning, foot enveloping fit. The stance is more upright increasing comfort. The Progressive Cushioning System combines changes to the last, liner and footbed. The liner utilizes a thicker, slow memory ethafoam that offers a very comfortable, cushioning fit. The extra room in the shell last also allows for a thicker, multilayered footbed. The result is extreme comfort as well as enhanced shock absorption. The Progressive Flex System provides a flex proportional to the skier’s relative size by modifying the plastic thickness in the spine of the lower shell. This allows a consistent flex throughout the size range. The Mega 8 also features the cuff alignment system that is easy to use and effective. It aligns the cuff to follow the shape of the lower leg increasing comfort and enhancing performance. The Mega Alu micro buckles offer strength in a sleek and easy to use design. The Mega PL buckles are lightweight and durable. Unique 1st buckle positioning offers better wrap and closure around the forefoot, while lifting the buckle away from the snow for less interference. The cuff catches can be easily moved to fit varying leg shapes.


FLEX: 70 LAST: 105mm (C-EE Widths) 3 Density Technology PCS Liner System PCS Footbed Cuff Alignment Power Spoiler Progressive Flex System 35mm Velcro Powerstrap Mega Alu Micro Buckles Triple Position Cuff Catches Tongue Handle Pull Strap Man Fur Lining UltraFit Liner

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