Dalbello Men's Krypton Cross Big Mountain Ski Boots '12
Dalbello Men's Krypton Cross Big Mountain Ski Boots '12
Dalbello Men's Krypton Cross Big Mountain Ski Boots '12

Dalbello Men's Krypton Cross Big Mountain Ski Boots '12

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The Dalbello Krypton Cross Ski Boots are for advanced to expert big mountain skiers. The Krypton Cross features a high level of adjust-ability and progressive forward flex dynamics. The slightly more forgiving fit and function allows more versatility over a all mountain terrain. A softer flexing tongue and the LANDING GEAR anti-shock footboard are standard equipment for big take-offs and landings. This boot features the improved fit, function, performance, and control of a new Cabrio shell and Contour 4 (C4) Fit Concept shaping along with the Dynalink closure system. The unique Cabrio construction combines 3 pieces (shell, cuff, & tongue) that secure the foot and lower leg while optimizing smooth and progressive flexibility. This translates to very subtle and precise response from your boots and your skis. Cabrio Design technology ski boots give skiers the optimal combination of support, stability, balanced stance, powerful edging control, and dynamic response. Cabrio Design is also able to adapt to a wider variety of feet shapes and instep heights than conventional ski boots due the “open throat” lower shell/shell tongue construction. The Contour 4 Technology revolutionizes the performance ski boot fit and engineering for a precisely mapped shape to your high performance foot with minimal need for customization. By addressing four critical fit points (ankle, heel, 5th metatarsal, & navicular), high performance has never felt so good right out of the box.


FLEX: 90-120 LAST WIDTH: 98mm Cabrio Design: P.E. Shell/PU Cuff Contour 4 Concept Fit Pattern Kinetic Response Tongue Dynalink + DC Cable Closure Low Cuff Hinge F-500 Alu Buckles – 3 Microadjustable Forward Lean Control Forward Flex Control Twin Canting Medium Density Ulteva Foam A.C. Adaptive Comfort Toebox Heat System Ready Construction Orthofit Performance Insole Powersole Footbed

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