Full Tilt Men's High Five All-Mountain Ski Boots '12
Full Tilt Men's High Five All-Mountain Ski Boots '12
Full Tilt Men's High Five All-Mountain Ski Boots '12
Full Tilt Men's High Five All-Mountain Ski Boots '12

Full Tilt Men's High Five All-Mountain Ski Boots '12

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The Full Tilt Men's High Five All-Mountain Ski Boots offer comfortable All-Mountain Versatility. The High Five is a responsive and smoothly flexing boot with a roomy 102mm width last fit. Full Tilt's highest performing Pro Quick-Fit™ liner is included with Intuition® foam that molds 100% to your feet for maximum power, ankle hold, comfort, and warmth that can’t be beat. They will mold to your feet during use through body heat or in minutes at a pro shop. The liner also makes use of Powerwrap for added energy transfer and horsepower to the shell and J-Bar pieces for additional ankle hold. Extra space is given to the widest point of the foot and toes without sacrificing control. Full Tilt's 3 piece design creates a unique boot with a natural flex for no shin bang, adjustable flex, even pressure, and unrestricted flex. The High Five comes with a medium, #6 Flex, five rib tongue for a natural, versatile, and forgiving feel. The High Five is lighter than other boots and extremely easy to get on and off. Full Tilt boots move with your foot for a more natural walking feel. Adjustments are easy with the new macro ladder and micro twist adjustments to the aluminum buckles. Advanced and advancing skiers looking for a unique comfort and performance will find it in the Full Tilt High Five Ski Boots.

Tech Specs

BOOT 3-Piece Shell: Influence Last Width: 102mm Tongue (10 = Stiffest Flex): 6 Flex / 5 Ribs Weight g (sizes M 27, W 25): 2,028 Closure System: "2 Upper Cables, 1 Lower Wrap Strap" Buckle: "3 Aluminum Macro Ladder + Micro" Forward Cant Adjustment: n/a Lateral Cant Adjustment: 3mm Toe / Heal Height: 18.5mm / 34mm Foot Board: Active Cuff: Free Hinging Cable Management: Cable Keeper Sizes: "MP 22.5-31, EU 37-48, US M 6 - 13.5" QUICK-FIT™ LINER CONSTRUCTION Model: Pro Open Cell Foam: 4mm Soft Density Intuition® Foam: 2mm High Density Intuition® Foam: 7mm QUICK-FIT™ LINER FEATURES Molding: Body Heat Activated Powerwrap: Powerwrap J-Bar: J-Bar Fit: Wide Toe


FLEX: Medium (#6 out of 10) LAST WIDTH: 102mm Influence Shell 3-Piece Design 5 Rib tongue for versatile, forgiving & natural flex Active Bootboard absorbs vibrations & impact Wrap Strap lower closure & 2 upper cables for even pressure Aluminum Buckles macro ladder & micro twist adjustment Pro Liner highest performance that molds 100% to your feet

Product Specs

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