K2 Men's BFC 90 GripWalk Ski Boots '21

K2 Men's BFC 90 GripWalk Ski Boots '21

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Product Details

The K2 Men's BFC 90 GripWalk Ski Boots are designed to provide you with the most comfortable skiing experience of your life. These boots offer the best fit ever created for skiing boots, so if that foot of yours falls on the wider end of the spectrum and you need a solid feel out of the box, look no further than the BFC 90. These boots are equipped with a host of customizable features and K2's Hands Free Entry, and you'll be wondering what you’ve been cramming your feet into for the last few seasons.


Powerfuse Spyne Energy Interlock Hands Free Entry Dual Cuff Alignment Index

Tech Specs

Flex: 90 Last: 103mm Liner: CushFit Strap: 40mm Velcro Outsole: Gripwalk Dual Material ISO 9523 Foreward Lean: 12 degrees, 14 degrees with Power Wedge Cuff Alignment: Dual +/-2 degrees