Ride Men's Burnout All Mountain Snowboard '

Ride Men's Burnout All Mountain Snowboard '17

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The Ride Men's Burnout All Mountain Snowboard was a 2015 Good Wood dinner. The Burnout is at home anywhere, so start dominating the mountain today! Big jumps? Yep. High speed groomer carving? Yep. Boxes, rails, street features? Yep. Superpipe? Sure. It's even been known to rip pow turns. The True Twin Hybrid Camber is a true twin shape hybrid profile that has more camber than rocker allowing for these awesome pow turns. The Popwalls™ Sidewalls are a totally unique sidewall combines layers of Slimewalls® material and carbon fiber strategically placed at the inserts out to the contact points in the tip and tail on a twin, and the back inserts to the contact points in the tail on a directional board. If you want a twin to do everything, swipe right and get ready to rip!

Tech Specs

152 - Effective Edge: 119.0 | Waist Width: 25.1 | Sidecut: 9.3 | Rider Weight: 100-150lbs 155 - Effective Edge: 121.6 | Waist Width: 25.2 | Sidecut: 9.4 | Rider Weight: 125-175lbs 158 - Effective Edge: 124.1 | Waist Width: 25.3 | Sidecut: 9.5 | Rider Weight: 130-180lbs


Twin Hybrid Camber Popwalls™ Slimewalls® Roll In Slimewalls® Carbon Array 5™ Laminates Cleave Edge™ Steel Hybrid Glass Fusion 4000™ Base Performance Core 2x4 Inserts Flat Kick Tips

Product Specs