Lib Tech Men's Travis Rice Pro Pointy All-M

Lib Tech Men's Travis Rice Pro Pointy All-Mountain Snowboard '20

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$419.83 $599.80

161.5 cm

Product Details

The Lib Tech Men's Travis Rice Pro Pointy All-Mountain Snowboard is a lightweight, powerful board made with super-smooth HorsePower Construction combined with the perfect all-terrain C2 Rocker/Camber Countour made for park & big mountain freedom. The T. Rice Pro Blunt is a very versatile stick that will allow you to push your limits and is still fun and playful enough to be the perfect daily driver. Featuring Tri-Ax/Bi-ax Fiberglass with Basalt, Eco-Sublimated Bio Beans Top, Eco-Sublimated Sintered Base, Birch Internal Sidewalls, & UHMW Tip/Tail Impact Deflection. It's truly a perfect snowboard from the world's best snowboarder!


Medium to Firm Flex Pointy Freestyle Nose All-Mountain/Freestyle Performance Travis Rice's Award-Winning Freestyle Shape True Twin Shape Intermediate to Advanced Light & Smooth HorsePower Construction C2 Perfect All-Terrain Rocker/Camber Hybrid Contour 60% Aspen/40% Paulownia Core Tri-Ax/Bi-ax Fiberglass with Basalt Eco-Sublimated Bio Beans Top Eco-Sublimated Sintered Base Birch Internal Sidewalls UHMW Sintered Sidewalls UHMW Tip/Tail Impact Deflection Magne-Traction® Effortless Edge Hold Artist: Kim Krans

Tech Specs

161.5 - Waist Width: 26.0 | Weight Range: 130+ lbs. | Sidecut: 8.4 | Effective Edge: 124.5

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