Ride Men's RFL Snowboard Boots '10
Ride Men's RFL Snowboard Boots '10
Ride Men's RFL Snowboard Boots '10

Ride Men's RFL Snowboard Boots '10

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Light Like No Other.The RFL reclaims Ride's OG status as the leader in lightweight boot design. One-upping all others, this compact freestyle boot dips below 800 grams without sacrificing stiffness, durability or feel. Featuring the crazy lightweight new Blown Lite Meta outsole, new Intuition™ Dream Liner with Mobile Foam and new Waffle Footbed, the RFL has tech for days. To pick one up is to believe, so go and get one, we'll wait. Still waiting. Yep, see? Will that be cash or charge?

Tech Specs

In2grated™ Construction, Built together, a proprietary net-fit process for shorter length, lighter weight and better fit. Throughout every step in the In2grated™ process, the shell and liner are crafted as a matched set. This streamlined process lets us create boots that are up to 2 full sizes shorter in length than standard construction boots. This "net fit" also means less pack out, leading to better overall comfort and fit throughout the life of your boots. Intuition™ Foam liners, The best custom fit on the market. Intuition™ Liner Technology creates the lightest, best-forming, longest-lasting liners available. Utilizing the in-shop custom heat forming process or your own body heat over the course of a few days riding, this liner custom forms to the shape of your foot. Providing something for every riding style, Intuition™ Foam is available in 4 unique varieties: plush, support, mobile and dream liner. Taking our Intuition™ Liners to the next level, select models feature cored ankle pockets and internal J-bars for added comfort and support, making ours the most advanced liner available. NEW! Blown Lite Meta, A second generation Blown Lite Sole that is 100% Phylon. The absence of rubber makes for the ultimate in barefoot-light performance. With integrated ice pick inserts under the ball of the foot for superior hiking traction and a gelpod in the heel for landing impact relief, the Meta is super light without the compromise. Pioneered by Ride in 2006, these super tech outsoles are made of a specially formulated Phylon material that takes lightweight to new levels without sacrificing all-temperature traction or durability.


In2grated™ Construction - Creates the lightest weight, shortest-length performance boots on the market, hands down. The removable liner is factory molded inside the shell to create the most efficient "net fit," leading to less pack out for better overall comfort. NEW! Liner: Intuition™ Dream Liner w/ Mobile Foam combined w/ Aegis™ Antimicrobial Coating - Multi-density foam surrounded in a supportive skeletal structure for maximum rebound and dreamy performance. Ride's Intuition™ Foam can be custom thermo-formed on in store heaters or will form to the shape of your foot over the course of a few days of riding. Combining Intuition™ Liner Technology and an Aegis™ Antimicrobial Coating creates the lightest, warmest, best-forming, longest-lasting liner available. Liner Fit: Liner w/ Cored Ankle Pockets, Thermo-Formable Internal & External J Bars - Superior ankle and heel hold with added support improve the overall fit of the liner for maximum comfort and response. NEW! Under Foot Support: Waffle Footbed - Top of the line in the world of lightweight, the waffle footbed is super supportive and reflects true minimalist design. The goods that keep your feet comfy when you’re in your boots all day long. NEW! Sole: Blown Light Meta w/ Gelpod Impact Heel & Ice Picks - 100% Phylon for a bare-foot feel. Ice pick inserts under the ball of the foot and a cush gelpod in the heel. This next generation sole offers the max in lightweight, traction and landing comfort. Providing support and stability, the Sole is what gets you around and keeps you on your feet. NEW! Liner Lacing: Lock Down™ Speed Lace w/ Transition Wrap Harness™ - An entirely new mobility focused lacing harness that curves from the side of the foot to the top for freestyle agility, comfort and wicked heel hold. Shell Lacing: Traditional Lacing w/ 2 To 1 Internal Deep Draw - Anchors deep in the shell for enhanced heel hold and ankle support, webbing tucked inside for a clean aesthetic. Details: Lightweight Technical Construction, Micro Articulating Cuff, 3D Formed Tongue, Direct inject binding rub protection in the heel, high abrasion textile outer.

Product Specs