Thirty Two Boots Men's Müllair Snowboard Boots '20

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$349.83 $499.80

Tie Dye

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The Thirty Two Boots Men's Müllair Snowboard Boots are great for someone who wants to ride the backcountry. They are built for the Swiss mast of style, Nicolas Müller and are perfectly designed for his smooth riding with a responsive and buttery flex. Fitted with an ultra-light and grippy Michelin Fiberlite outsole fused with a cushy Energy Foam you can hike the backcountry to find the ultimate line. Tune your boot with the Tailored Lacing Technology to find the perfect fit and support for your riding style. These boots are engineered with Cushion Cup locking your heel in place, utilizing your body's natural cushioning. Pull huge airs without worry about heel bruise in the Thirty Two Boots Men's Müllair Snowboard Boots.


Flex 5/10 1:1 Lasting Michelin Fiberlite Outsole Energy Foam Cushioning Cushion Cup Snow Guard Overmold 3D Molded Tongue Elite Internal Harness Tongue Tension+ Tailored Lacing Technology Articulated Cuff Molded Toe Cap Performance Backstay Storm Shield Heel Hold Kit Recoil Flex Control

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