K2 Women's Secret LUV All Mountain Skis w/

K2 Women's Secret LUV All Mountain Skis w/ ER3 10 Bindings '19

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$499.95 $650.00

142 cm 149 cm 156 cm 163 cm

Product Details

The K2 Women's Secret LUV All Mountain Skis have a narrow width making them perfect for beginner to intermediate riders lookingto ski 80% On-Trail/20% Off-Trail conditions. The Hybritech Sidewalls of the Secret LUV Skis uses a vertical construction sidewall on the majority of the skis adding grip and stability on firm conditions, with a forgiving cap construction on the tail and tip. Secret LUV Skis feature an Aspen Lite Bio-Konic Core that uses heavier Aspen Wood on the perimeter of the core along with a lighter less dense wood for the center of the skis which adds a forgiving and easy feel to the skis. Specifically designed for the ladies the Stance Forward design allows for less stress and fatigue on your body.The K2 Women's Secret LUV All Mountain Skis with ER3 10 Bindings also features a Catch Free Rocker Shape which has a small amount of rocker in the tail and tip allowing for ease of sliding and skidding during turns. All of your skiing dreams will come true with these skis this season.


76 mm Waist Width Catch Free Rocker Shape (Rocker/Camber/Rocker Profile) 80% On-Trail/20% Off-Trail Conditions Hybritech Sidewall Construction Aspen Lite BIOkonic Core Conventional Shape Extruded Base Marker ER3 10 Compact Quikclik Bindings

Tech Specs

Sidecut: 122/76/103 (@156 cm) Turning Radius: 14 m (@156 cm) Weight: 1410 g/3.11 lbs. (@156 cm) Bindings: K2/Marker ER3 10 Compact Quikclik