Volkl Men's Blaze 94 Freeride Skis '21

Volkl Men's Blaze 94 Freeride Skis '21

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$549.95 $650.00

172 cm 179 cm

Product Details

The Volkl Men's Blaze 94 Freeride Skis were designed for those who want to ride free without any restrictions but with the full control of a sportive off-piste ski. The Blaze 94 is lightweight and is built for an extremely wide range of use in all off-piste conditions. A just 0.3 mm thick Titanal binding plattform provides direct power transfer and a fast pressure built-up from one edge to another. This gives the ski a most direct response right from the turn initiation. In order to preserve the full flexibility and agility there is intentionally no Titanal included in the tip and the tail. Especially in narrow and rough terrain you will directly benefit from the ski's faster and more direct reaction and with less effort required. The 3D radius sidecut significantly enhances the ski's liveliness and maneuverability. It allows you to use the long radii at the tip and tail for bigger high speed turns and the shorter radius in the center for short turns at lower speeds. The Blaze construction targets the short turn-oriented skier but the 3D radius together with the tip to tail Hybrid Multilayer woodcore adapts to basically every riding style.


94mm Waist Width Tip and Tail Rocker Off Piste Performance 3D Radius Sidecut Titanal Binding Platform Suspension Tips & Tails Full Sidewall P-Tex 2100 Base Hybrid Multilayer Woodcore

Tech Specs

Sidecut: 134/94/116 Length/radius: 17 @179 *3 Radii Weight Per Ski: 1546 g @ 179 Bindings: NONE