Arbor Fish Solstice B4bc 37 Longboard

Arbor Fish Solstice Longboard

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The Arbor Fish Solstice 37 Longboard is designed with a compact pintail with an extended wheelbase and mellow flex for around town cruising and lower speed carving. Made with a 7 Ply Hardrock Maple with a Premium Palisander Wood Finish Ply with all wood materials coming from sustainable sources. Paired with 150mm Paris Reverse trucks, Arbor Easyrider Series Mosh wheels and ABEC 7 Bearing with spacers and Paris Risers.


Deck: 8 ply Hardrock Maple with a Black Walnut Wood Finish Ply Wood material comes from sustainable sources of supply Wood by-product is reclaimed for use in other products Trucks: Paris Reverse 50° 150mm Wheels: Arbor Easyrider Series - Mosh Momentum Core dampens bumpy rides Perfect mix between quick acceleration and roll speed Designed for carving and cruising Venice Formula is soft and grippy Contact Patch: 36.0mm Durometer: 78a Offset: 0.0mm Size: 65mm

Tech Specs

ABEC 7 Bearings with Spacers Recycled Glass Re-Grit 1/8" Paris Risers WB: 26.00" L: 37.00" W: 8.375"

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