Loaded Boards Vanguard Flex 2 Complete Longboard

Loaded Boards Vanguard Flex 2 Complete Longboard

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The Loaded Boards Vanguard Flex 2 Complete Longboard is the one that started it all. Symmetrical shape and stance for a balanced center of gravity to increase the ability to weight the deck through turns for better control and energy generation. The sidecuts allow for decreased torsional stiffness between the feet to exploit the board's torsional energy to allow for greater nuances in the turning radius. The Vanguard was designed and intended for speeds between 0 and 25 mph (0-40km/hr). You can take the board faster with skill and experience, but it is not intended for higher speeds due to its flex characteristics. Built from Epoxy and Tri-axle fiberglass sandwich a vert-lam Bamboo core, pressed into concave and convex cambers for liveliness, responsiveness and high energy potential. Great all around board for Down Hill, Hills, Carving, Dancing, Sliding, Commuting, Pumping, and Banks & Bowls. The board is designed for a centered, snowboard style stance. Learn to footbreak and slide. These are the safest ways to slow down at speed and they will allow you to increase your skills immensely as well as keeping you safe on the hills. A softer flex pattern will give you more control and tighter turns at slower speeds, however a softer board is more prone to lose stability at higher speeds. If you plan on doing a lot of hard pounding tricks: shovits, bonelesses, etc, a stiff flex will hold up better. Note: It is natural for the boards to break in and become slightly flexier over time. The Vanguard graphic was originally designed by Alex Liki of Sao Paulo, Brazil for the Vanguard Graphic Contest. The graphic was reworked into it's current form by Pablo and Diana of Nana Studio. This graphic reflects the fluid experience of the board, while referencing the original Vanguard graphic designed by Travis Parr. FOR SAFETY PRECAUTION, WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU ALWAYS USE A HELMET.


42"/107cm Flex 2: For Riders 150-210+lbs / 68-95+kg Epoxy and Tri-axle fiberglass sandwich a vert-lam Bamboo core. Trucks: 180s (Randal/Paris/Gullwing - may vary, call for confirmation) Wheels: 75mm Orangatang (Color & Durometer may vary, call for confirmation) Bearings: Loaded JEHU Performance Bearings

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Length: 42"/107cm & 38"/98cm Width: 8.5"/21.5cm Wheelbase: 37"/94cm & 33.5"/85cm Complete Weight: 6.9 - 8lbs / 3.1 - 3.6kg

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