Dooks 1/4" Riser Combo Pack

Dooks 1/4" Riser Combo Pack

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Dooks Risers and riser pads go between the trucks and the board to provide additional clearance for the skateboard wheels and prevent wheel-bite. Avoid eating the pavement! These Dooks Skateboards risers keep your wheels spinning freely and keep you planted firmly on your skateboard.Riser and Shock Pad combination + Shorty's Hardware. Helps Keep your nuts tight with the exact Shorty's Hardware to match.Contents: 2 1/4" Riser/Shock Pad Combo, 8 Phillips Head Bolts, 8 Nuts, 2 Stickers.


1/4" Riser Shock Pads to reduce vibration and absorb impact Prevents your hardware from loosening Prevents pressure cracks from forming in your deck