Sanuk Men's Vagabond Sidewalk Surfers

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Featuring a shoe upper on a sandal bottom, Sidewalk Surfers™ combine the year-round style and protection of a shoe with the natural comfort of a sandal. We like the call this Barefoot-Un-Technology™. This sandal-shoe hybrid allows your foot to bend and flex the way nature designed you to walk. The loose upper allows your foot to spread so it can absorb shock naturally. This strengthens the small muscles which support your arch and encourages you to walk correctly. Sorry if there are no springs, coils, pumps, or air-bags, but after walking naturally you won't want to wear anything else. The Vagabond is a funky canvas slip-on Sidewalk Surfer that fits wide like a sandal. Machine washable—intentionally frays at the seams. Imported. Note: This product may not come in the original manufacturers packaging.


Textile upper Rubber sole

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