O'brien Relax 3 Towable '14
O'brien Relax 3 Towable '14
O'brien Relax 3 Towable '14

O'brien Relax 3 Towable '14

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When you want to give your friends and family the thrill of a lifetime, the O'Brien Relax 3 Towable '14 is the one to get. Designed for 3 riders, this tube allows its riders to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Whether you want to pull them around leisurely on the water or rev those engines and send them flying over the wake is up to you. The tube is built with strong and tough material so it can handle the constant use and it's outfitted with 3 sets of handles all with knuckle guards. These EVA knuckle guards will help keep the rider's hands from chafing against the material. There are also 3 EVA Pads for greater comfort when they're riding on the water. With 2 Boston Valves and a Quick Connect Hook, the Relax 3 is simple, easy and a quick to inflate and get going. Show everyone a good time and create some awesome memories of being on the lake with the help of this O'Brien Relax 3 Towable '14.


Size: 110” X 69” Up to 4 Riders 30 Gauge PVC / 26 Gauge PVC Backrest Fully covered 840 D Nylon 8 Handles w/ EVA Knuckle guards 8 EVA Pads 1 Quick connect hook 2 BOSTON VALVES
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