HO Sports Men's Freeride Art Slalom Water Ski With Freemax Bindings '19

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The HO Sports Men's Freeride Art Slalom Water Ski lets you ski behind virtually any boat, at any speed, in any water condition with ease! In 2011 Marcus Brown, Dave Wingerter and Bob LaPoint took a different approach to ski design. They stepped back to look at where and how most boaters and waterskiers spent their time. These people weren't tucked away on private man-made lakes with ski specific boats where most in the competitive waterski community exclusively reside. They were out on larger public lakes, rivers and waterways, behind everything from wakeboard boats to jet skis to fishing boats. From there, the design team developed technology that specifically enhanced the ski experience for free-skiers on these variable water conditions. Since its release in 2012, the Freeride has become the standard in open water waterskiing and continues to encourage waterski exploration the world over.


Clean Edge Efficiancy Traditional Edge Stability Hex Fin Freeride Flex Frame Carve Rails

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