HO Sports TX w/ Basis ARTP Crossover Waterski '14

HO Sports TX w/ Basis ARTP Crossover Waterski '14

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This HO Sports TX W/ Basis ARTP Crossover Waterski '14 has enough width to make getting out of the water really easy, but not so much that it cannot make some turns! This ski is designed to be ridden either on the open water or in the slalom course. With a recommended max speed of 32 mph, it likes to be ridden a little slower to let you enjoy the ride with way less work. The signature speed step and speed skin are great features on the bottom that make it maintain the speed you create with it. If you are looking to have only one ski in your shed, don't overlook the TX from HO Sports.


Speed Skin: advanced laminar textured ski base for reduced ski drag and increased ski speed Acceleration Flex: automatic turn initiation for instant acceleration Speed Step Technology for reduced ski drag and increased ski speed. Low Taper Shape for the most efficient support through the finish of the turn 5-Stage Rocker for maximum speed, angle and stability Blended Carbon & Fiber Reinforcements for a smoother, more forgiving ride Polyurethane Foam Core for a stable traditional feel Aluminum T-Extrusion Fin Block

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