Ho Sports Burner Combo Skis With Blaze And Rts

Ho Sports Burner Combo Skis With Blaze And RTS '14

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HO 61 Burner Combo Waterskis are geared for those looking to get more performance out of their combo skis. The shape is based on the HO Comp Freeride series slalom ski and delivers a smooth ride, whether running as a slalom or combo set. Unlike all of the other combo water skis on the market the Burner combo skis are made out of fiberglass to increase stiffness. These skis have the Blaze binding, which wraps around the ankle for great support features front lacing for performance and adjustability.


SIZES(Weight Limits): 61" (UP TO 150 LBS.) 67"( UP TO 200 LBS.) V- Bottom Design Blaze boot

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