O'brien Tear Aid Patch Kit
O'brien Tear Aid Patch Kit
O'brien Tear Aid Patch Kit

O'brien Tear Aid Patch Kit

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Making sure you're prepared to keep all the inflatable products you bring on a trip to the lake, river or beach in working order is as important as bring the inflatable's themselves. Whether it's the inflatable air mattress you sleep on when camping, the towable for the kids to use behind the boat, the tubes for rolling down the river or the water wings used in the backyard pool, they all can get a hole in them and can ruin a great trip or day in the sun and water. Be prepared with the Obrien Tear Aid Patch Kit. Repair holes and tears instantly with these no mess vinyl patches. Two inch round patch is easy to cut to size with scissors, then just peel off the back and stick to leaking inflatable and your ready to go. No messy liquid adhesives to deal with and they won't pull off when stretched! Patches are designed for Type B Vinyl products. These see-thru patches will allow the natural color of the inflatable or other vinyl product to show through and will stop tears from running on such items as tarps, ground cloths, tents, cushions and seats. Patches are airtight and watertight and will conform to any shape you need.


Designed for Vinyl Repair Protects Against Abrasion, Moisture, Salt Water and Temperature See-Thru Patch Works with all Colors Conforms to Irregular Surfaces Won't Pull Off when Stretched Cuts Easily with Scissors Just Peel and Stick Water and Air Tight 2" (5.1 cm) Round Patch

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