Sigg Cuipo B.y.o.b. 0.6l Aluminum Water Bottle
Sigg Cuipo B.y.o.b. 0.6l Aluminum Water Bottle
Sigg Cuipo B.y.o.b. 0.6l Aluminum Water Bottle

Sigg Cuipo B.Y.O.B. 0.6L Aluminum Water Bottle

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The Sigg Cuipo B.Y.O.B. 0.6L Aluminum Drinking Bottle lets you stay hydrated and save the rainforest at the same time. The SIGG 0.6-liter 100% recyclable aluminum water bottle is ideal for packing into a lunch box and has a highly resistant lining, making it almost unbreakable! SIGG's Eco Care liner is made from BPA-FREE and PHTHALATE-FREE ingredients. Comes with the standard SIGG screw-top. These bottles save trees! SIGG has partnered with Cuipo, a leading conservation organization working to protect primary rainforest around the world and provide education and awareness programs to cultivate lifelong habits for sustainable living. Saving the rainforest one meter at a time. Why save the rainforest? Every second an area of rainforest the size of a football field is destroyed. 50% of Earth's plants and animals live in the rainforest. 20% of the world's fresh water and oxygen comes from the rainforest. Every Cuipo + SIGG bottle will save 1 square meter of rainforest. Sly is the trickster of the rainforest and the sneakiest of all the squirrel monkeys in the land. Next time you see a succulent banana on the horizon followed with some snickering in the shadows, have an orange instead or be prepared to get banana mushed!


Incredibly lightweight and durable Crack proof, spill proof Reusable and recyclable Coated in a leaching- and buildup-resistant inner lining The last water bottle you will ever buy! Doesn't give beverages a plastic taste May be placed in the refrigerator Certified free of harmful chemicals Aluminum Reusable/recyclable bottle Eco-friendly Leak-proof

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